We’re a different kind of vet, looking for extraordinary people.

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Dr. Gabrielle Fadl

It has been great working with positive happy people who share a common interest, which is taking great care of pets and their people.

Dr. Gabrielle Fadl


Be a Bond Vet


Join us and become part of a team that is changing the veterinary care industry. Our veterinarians provide compassion and high quality care for each pet and pet parent that enters our clinic. Together, we can help improve the human-animal bond and make a positive impact in the veterinary industry.

Our Promise to You:

We trust you. This is a not a place where we micromanage. We hire smart people and let them do their job — this means you have ownership. As Steve Jobs said, “It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.” 

We’re obsessed with animals. We are a fast-growing company with a big vision and a strong core team. We wake up every day determined and passionate to fulfill our mission to strengthen the human-animal bond through pet health. 

We help each other and support each other. Mentorship is our priority — our team members are never alone, and we tackle challenges and questions together.  

How We’re Different:

We’ve worked in a lot of vet clinics, and we’re doing something different. We’re not here to churn through patients, go through the motions or take advantage of distressed clients in need of urgent care.  We are uplifters in our industry, taking the existing veterinary model and improving it through friendly design, service, technology and culture. 

The veterinary field is traditionally a difficult place to work, particularly due to long hours, challenging clients and passion fatigue. At Bond Vet, employee well-being is a top priority, and we give our team time, space (that’s our team lounge, to the left) and energy to look after themselves, including industry-leading parental leave, emphasis on continuing education, cultural check-ins, catered meals, and gainsharing for all care team members.

What makes us different is we really are all about making this a positive experience for the pet. Little things like bigger exam rooms, having floors that aren’t slippery like most animal hospitals, and the lighting and colors in the clinic were all done with the animals in mind.

Courtney Norcott

Lead Nurse

Be a Bond Vet


Our nurses are veterinary technicians don’t just work behind the scenes, they are key players in our clinic. Our nurses support our veterinarians and ensure productivity throughout the clinic. They are committed to making pets and pet parents feel safe and comfortable during their visit, while having the best experience possible. Whether you’re working directly with a client or organizing the clinic, our nurses make sure every person at Bond is recognized. 

Your experience with us will be inspiring and rewarding as you help pets and pet parents in need. You’ll work with cutting edge technology and medicine to help elevate your skills in ways you haven’t yet done in your career.

How We’re Different:

We recognize our team members’ talent and help them achieve their career goals. We pride ourselves on our inclusive culture, training, and career opportunities to ensure that you receive continuous education and career growth throughout your journey with Bond. When you join us you will:

  •  Work in a technology-enhanced clinic
  •  Receive educational courses 
  •  Be given the opportunity to take on new positions 
  •  Learn strong leadership & internal communication skills
  •  Join a team of supportive members

At Bond, our employees support one another and work toward a common mission, while always striving to provide the best client experience. We are constantly lending a hand to our team members and looking out for when they are in need of help. We work as a team to achieve greatness.