A Note from Dr. Zay

As someone who has worked in the veterinary space for many years, I’ve personally experienced many troubles and issues in our industry. Not many people know this, but the suicide rate in veterinary medicine is 4.4 times higher than that  of the general public. The truth is, many vet clinics create an unhealthy workplace, which leads to a faster burnout rate. I knew I wanted to help change our industry, and that’s where the idea for Bond Vet emerged from. 

The company was created with two main goals. First, to nurture and foster the human-animal bond. Animals are phenomenal for human beings and our wellbeing. They help humans overcome ailments and increase the overall quality of our lives. It’s so great to be on a mission to support that bond, which is such a valued piece of our lives. 

Our second mission is to create a healthy workplace in the veterinary industry. With such high rates of burnout and unhappiness, it’s clear the industry hasn’t done enough to make it better. My goal is to create a healthier workplace culture where team members truly look out for one another. Whether it’s covering a shift or assisting with a simple task, I want to make sure every member feels supported. Team members are the most important people in an organization — if you have a happy team, it often translates to a happy client experience. We want each member of the Bond Vet team to be a leader in the industry. To accomplish that, we are very specific about how we handle things internally and how we communicate with one another. 

My ultimate desire is to revolutionize the veterinary industry. That means creating facilities that not only function, but function exceptionally well. In veterinary clinic environments, things often move at a fast pace, so it is important that we collect ourselves and do all the little things, as well as the big things, to make sure we’re offering the best care possible.

As Bond Vet’s Chief Veterinary Officer, I see my role as making sure we are delivering on the promises we make to the people around us and in our care team. For me, it’s very important that we are continuously growing as a team, keeping open lines of communication and sharing feedback. As a veterinarian and as a human being, I want to make sure we are always seeking out the best knowledge from the people around us. 

I am more than thrilled to see the company grow, but even more excited to see each team member’s career and personal growth. Here’s to a better vet care experience.


Dr. Zay
About Dr. Zay Satchu

Dr. Zay is our Chief Veterinary Officer and our co-founder.

Her mission to change the veterinary care industry is what drove her to start Bond Vet.