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Dr. Gabrielle Fadl

It’s great working with positive, happy people who share a common interest, which is taking great care of pets and their people.

Dr. Gabrielle Fadl

Working at Bond Vet

With a tech-enabled office and collaborative team, we make it easy for you to do your job well. Bond Vet prioritizes morale in the clinic environment — you’ll be supported by a well-staffed clinic, including a technically proficient and reliable nurse team, and assistants and care coordinators who keep the clinic running smoothly. You work a 4-day, 40-hour week, with 30-min appointment times and built-in lunch breaks — and we cap your visits per day.

If you’re coming from emergency medicine — we’ll keep you stimulated with an interesting case mix, but our fixed hours provide you with structure and routine. At Bond, there’s no need for overnight shifts.

If you’re coming from GP — at Bond Vet, you’ll do more than nose-to-tail exams and vaccinations. Our cases will grow your skill set, keep things interesting, and provide you with a deep sense of purpose.

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Our promise
to you

We‘ll share the wealth

Our business model enables us to offer the most competitive pay, with gainsharing for our veterinary team — you gain from our growth. Plus, we offer a 401(k) through Betterment and comprehensive healthcare. We’re in the together, and we know you deserve more than you’ve been getting.

We’ll preserve balance

We are working hard to set a new standard in veterinary — both for the care we give and culture we create. With a 4-day workweek and appointment caps, we’ll ensure you have time to work through your case load. Our remote communication center handles comms with clients, so you don’t have to take any work home with you.

We’ll invest in your growth

We’re working toward systemic change, and we’re growing quickly and thoughtfully. Whether you want to be a veterinarian, a full-time surgeon, a medical director or an executive, we can develop a tailored path to make it happen — and support you with CE and mentorship and career coaching along the way.

Join our team

Become part of the team that’s changing the veterinary care industry. Our veterinarians provide compassion and high quality care for each pet and pet parent that enters our clinic. Together, we can help improve the human-animal bond and make a positive impact in the veterinary industry.

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Dr. Simone McLaughlin

Bond Vet genuinely cares about the team’s wellbeing and overall happiness, and management focuses on making that culture a priority. Bond has given me a lot of confidence that has taken me years to find as a veterinarian.

Dr. Simone McLaughlin