Why Bond Vet?

Charmaine Tangonan

Each person is given the opportunity to vocalize their ideas and thoughts. We truly strive to create an environment that is pleasant to work in, where people are not afraid of trying something new, and feedback isn’t a scary thing.

Charmaine Tangonan

Operations Partner

Personal Growth

At Bond, one of our most important goals is to provide each team member with personal development opportunities. We sit down with our employees on a weekly basis to better understand how they are feeling and how we can improve on making them even greater. Each team member has the opportunity to gain new personal skills through different courses and workshops. Whether it’s a lecture held by our CEO on how we can better manage our own finances or a course on how internal communication is handled — we are constantly offering new learnings. At Bond, we truly care about every individuals’ happiness and want every work day to be an enjoyable one.

Professional Growth

Because we are a growing company, we have the opportunity to allow for greater movement within the organization and cater specifically to people’s wheelhouses. Whether you want to grow into bigger roles, or take new courses –– we want to work towards helping you reach your career goals. We encourage all of our team members to express their professional growth goals to us so we can help them to build the skills they need to succeed. We are a rapidly growing company — as our company grows, so do you!

Who’s a Good Fit for Bond Vet?

People who love pets & pet care as much as we do.

Our team is passionate about pets and truly cares about animal health.

People who believe we can change the industry.

We’re leaders who realize the industry needs to evolve, and we’re excited to help bring about positive change.

People who want to work for a team that cares.

We are mission-driven and will work hard to improve the lives of everyone we encounter, pets and animals alike.